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The Fuchsloch guitar (Hannes Schneider)

Using wood from the Hannes Schneider’s parental home, Bregenz guitar maker Nick Page has made something exceptional.

How a guitar was made from the wood of Hannes Schneider’s parental home

The Schneider house in Fuchsloch 2014 in Stuben am Arlberg: the parental home of Hannes Schneider, known as “Fuchsloch” or foxhole, supposedly dates back to the year 1610. It was bought by Josef Anton Schneider, Hannes Schneider’s father, in 1870 and demolished in 2015.

Since fir wood from the Klostertal is reputed to have special tone and resonance properties, in 2017 the Bregenz-based guitar maker Nick Page combed through a stock of demolition wood looking for suitable floorboards and planks. These were then used in the construction of the Baron model electric guitar Hannes Schneider. A dendrochronological assessment indicates that the fir tree used for the floorboards was felled in 1591, and that the fir itself was at least 131 years old at the time.

The making of the Fuchsloch guitar: Nick Page enjoys worldwide renown for the “holy grail of guitar making”, and each of his instruments is absolutely unique.

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